Our first ever all-virtual UXPA Boston Conference took place on October 23, 2020. Thank you to all who attended!
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Estefania Ciliotta

Northeastern University
Experience Design Researcher
Boston, MA
Estefania holds a Master of Fine Arts in Experience Design from Northeastern University. She is an international expert on working effectively with cross-cultural teams. Estefania was born in Peru and has worked in many different countries and industries. She observed and researched innovative practices in team building for international teams. These experiences sparked her passion for understanding people and helped her develop a human-centered approach which led to the field of Experience Design. Driven, proactive and creative, she loves traveling, music, getting to know other cultures and understanding and embracing our differences.

Visit Estefania’s webpage to learn more about this project https://drs2020.thinkmakedo.net/, or her portfolio for other projects https://estefaniaciliotta.myportfolio.com/ !

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